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How it works?


Enter your bank credentials in our secure area To have your rewards automatically credited to your bank account.


Make your purchases in the center with your credit card To collect points.


Earn 10 points for any purchase in your center visit as many shops and restaurants as you can to earn points faster!


Earn 10 points for any purchase in your center

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** Provided that you make another purchase of €10 or more within 3 months after obtaining 100 points (10 points per purchase of €10 or more) in one of the shopping center participating stores. 

*** Provided that you are one of the first 1,500 shoppers to activate all of Unexpected Pass advantages and that you have made at least one purchase of €10 or more, within 2 months of the day on which the pass was first activated, in one of your shopping center participating stores.

Terms of use available on the website or the mobile application of your center.